Al Silliman Charitable Society Donation

In accordance with an agreement signed between Port Said University and Al Silliman Charitable Society the assets of the Al Silliman Charitable Hospital moved to the faculty of medicine. In Its session No 57, in June 24, 2014 to July 7, 2014, the university board agreed on this donation and acknowledged the efforts of: Eng. Lutfy Ali Silliman, Sir Major General Smah Qandil, governor of Port Said, and Eng. Mahmoud Alam el- Din. The board, moreover, submitted many heartfelt acknowledgements to Dr Prof. Atif Alam el- Din, president of the university, for his great efforts.    


Commencement of Capacity Tests

Secondary graduates applying for the faculty of physical arts and the faculty of specific education are supposed to perform capacity tests on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Test cards are issued and released from the university headquarter in order to fill the applications at the time specified.


Heartfelt Congratulations on the Occasion of Ramadan

ramadan 2014On behalf of Dr Prof. Atif Alam el- Din, president of university, we would like to submit many heartfelt congratulations for the university staff, the personnel, and students on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan; wishing for them all the happy returns and blessings and for our beloved Egypt all the progress and prosperity.


Protocol between PSU & AEA


In the frame of initiating a literacy campaign at Port Said, the university signed protocol of collaboration with the Adult Education Authority AEA. The protocol was overwhelmed with the motto of: "Egyptians are Learning." The faculty staff and the students are participating in education the illiterates.

Notably to say, the protocol was signed, by Dr Prof. Atef Alam el- Din; president of the university, and Dr Prof. Moheb el- Rafy; head of the adult education authority, under the auspice of Sir Major General Samah Qandil, governor of Port Said.

The President of the University affirmed that the protocol is considered an activation key for the role of the university in the community services and environmental development, especially when targeting national issues as illiteracy.

In the frame of the protocol, the Authority is providing necessities of the educational process, listing the illiterates aging from sixteen, presenting rewards for each educated illiterate in equality with the learner and the supervisors.